Finite Torah


The Finite Torah, or Finite Law of Moses, is a doctrine deduced from Tanakh. There are 613 individual commands from Moses that make up the 1 Torah. Since all 613 commands are not individually eternal in nature, the 1 Torah cannot be eternal in nature, since the whole is simply the sum of the parts. This is not to say G-d’s people will one day be without a Torah, but it is to say that the 1 Torah of Moses will cease to be as it is found in Tanakh, for the Messianic Age requires significant modification to the Law.

The argument for a Finite Torah is made in a series of articles, each answering a specific question:

What Is An Eternal Law?
What Is A Finite Law?
What Types Of Laws Did Moses Receive?
Are The Laws That Deal With Death Eternal?
Are The Laws That Deal With Disease Eternal?
Are The Laws That Deal With Sin Eternal?
But Didn’t Moses Teach An Eternal Torah?
Isn’t A Law Still A Law When It Ceases To Be A Law?